Did you know that poor water circulation is one of the leading causes of fish kills, foul smelling water and overgrown, algae-ridden lakes and ponds?

Dramatically improve the health and water quality of waterways, lake and ponds by improving circulation with the use of aerators and lake fountains.

Benefits of Pond & Lake Aeration

Improving water circulation through aerators and fountains reintroduces oxygen and other atmospheric gasses into the water which provides a suite of health, beauty and ecological benefits such as:

  • Reduces stagnation to alleviate anoxic conditions (toxic, oxygen-deprived bottom water)
  • Allows removal of harmful toxic gas buildup
  • Helps to bind excessive nutrients such as phosphorus
  • Reduces odor from algae and decomposing organic matter
  • Reduces thermal stratification and stabilizes water temperatures
  • Reintroduces oxygen needed to sustain healthy fish populations
  • Creates a healthier lake environment for organisms such as
    • Beneficial aquatic insect larvae
    • Snails
    • Freshwater shrimp, and other fish food
    • Migratory birds

Bottom-diffused Aeration

Compressed air is pumped through a series of air diffusers installed at the bottom of the water body. The diffusers disperse the air into millions of tiny air bubbles which lift the water column from the poor quality stagnant bottom water up to the surface where it is infused with oxygen- rich atmospheric gases and recirculated. Thereby improving water quality throughout the lake or pond.

Fountains and Surface Aerators

Like aerators, fountains can be used to add visual appeal and to increase property value while also introducing some water circulation. Lake fountains are primarily decorative but can help in terms of improving the health and circulation of waterways, especially in smaller bodies of water. Surface aerators, combine elements of both systems by providing a visual display while maximizing the potential for water circulation. Ideally, larger and deep lakes and ponds benefit the most from a combination of fountains/surface aerators and bottom-diffused aeration. Choosing the right aeration system or fountain display for your lake or pond is crucial to minimize problems and ensure ecosystem and habitat success. Contact Allstate Resource Management today for a free evaluation!