Aquadisplays offers a variety of products, predominately fountains. There are several different types of floating fountains that you can purchase to enhance your water body, including the Altima, Electra, Fantasia, Optima, Prima, and Ultima. The Altima is a heavy spiral of water for maximum aerations benefits. It can cover a surface area of up to 25 feet across. The Electra is a 3-tier display pattern reaching heights up to 25 feet. The Fantasia consists of a center jet reaching up to 30 feet surrounded by a spray ring of proportional height. The Optima is three of the more heavy water jets with customizable heights. Many different looks can be achieved with this beautiful fountain. The Prima is a single, heavy column of water reaching heights of 20 feet or more. It is also available with a “jet pod” to achieve greater heights with less horsepower. And finally the Ultima is a center smooth-bore jet surrounded by 6 or more angled aeration jets. The aeration jets are adjustable to achieve a variety of custom looks.

You can also purchase aeration systems to create a healthier environment for your water body. Aerators increase the circulation of the water and reduce stagnation. They also increase the oxygen levels to help control bacteria and to decompose organic sediment at the bottom. Aerator systems, along with floating fountains, are a great way to keep your water body healthy.

Floating Fountains:

Floating fountains with decorative spray patterns help to beautify highly visible waterways while assisting nature with many biological benefits. Increased dissolved oxygen levels help to sustain fish populations, assist in controlling undesirable bacteria, and improve the overall health and beauty any waterway. The fountains pictured on our site represent just a few of the dozens of designs available. Call today for a no obligation consultation on selecting the best fountain to meet your needs and budget.

Aeration Systems:

While fountains are pleasing to the eye, aeration systems provide one of the best methods of improving the water quality in your lake or pond. Bottom diffuser aeration systems help to speed the decomposition of organic sediments, increase dissolved oxygen levels, improve circulation, and reduce the potential for fish kills in a water-body. The size and type of system required is dependent upon a variety of factors. Please contact us for a free evaluation.

Water Garden Products:

Aquadisplays provides a complete line-up of water garden and pond products for the “do-it-yourselfer”. From statuary fountains to waterfalls to backyard ponds, Aquadisplays can provide original and replacement pumps, lighting systems and accessories. Aquadisplays also provides products for water quality management and testing. In addition, installation and design services are available – contact us today to create the water feature of your dreams.